Pràctiques Educatives 17-18


Have you ever thought what is a violin made of? how it is built? who does this work? the profile of a violin maker? Why the Stradivarius sound as good?  Students in 2nd ESO have been learning about the world of violin making during a month in music courses.   All it began watching 2 videos of real violin makers talking about their job. Students could reflect about the process of doing violins and the tips given by the violin makers. The price of the instruments, the most famous city in building stringed instruments in the history, the personality of the instruments, the fact that the instruments have their own soul.... These questions came up in their reflections.                                   Then, students travelled to the past and they went to Cremona in the 18 Century where the most gorgeous stringed instruments were made by Stradivarius, Amati and Guarnieri families. The tradition of building instruments was born in this small italian city. By Edgar Bundy (1862-1922) - Unknown, Public Domain,   They have discovered the secret of the best sound produced by Stradivarius' instrucments: cientifical reasons were explained in the following documental: Then, students have [...]